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Water is precious. Lack of experience in specialist fields can lead to expensive mistakes. Don’t get caught out, learn quickly and easily from our team of expert practitioners.

10 and 20 hour short courses are available at Masters degree level, suitable for graduates or personnel with 5+ years of on-the-job experience.

Enhance your CV with our accredited CPD/CEU points. Study interactively when it suits you. Course handbooks are included for your on-going reference.

New Training Partnership

As part of a new initiative with IWA Publishing, youlearnwater has launched its on-line CPD training programme with three courses for managers and supervisors: DW01 Minimising lead in drinking water, DW02 Preventing cryptosporidium in drinking water and DW03 Disinfection strategies and process optimisation. Subscribe below to be kept up-to-date as further courses are made available.